Therapeutic Products

Fibriant captures the unique features and functions of specific variants of fibrinogen in new innovative products and in improvements of existing products based on plasma fibrinogen. Our strategy is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a panel of variants of fibrinogen in validated animal models for several product applications in important fields of healthcare, including surgery, tissue repair, inflammatory diseases and bacterial infections.

Currently, our therapeutic product development activities are focused on fibrin as a flexible, biodegradable extra-vascular support matrix to prevent early and late stage vein graft failure after bypass surgery.

The unique properties of specific variants of fibrinogen are also studied to determine the role of fibrinogen during inflammation and in host-defense responses against pathogens and to identify fibrinogen as a therapeutic target for related diseases.

Our Services

Fibriant™’s strategy to generate revenues in the near term is supported by contract R & D services related to fibrinogen on a fee-for-services basis.

The services currently offered by Fibriant include:

  • Small scale recombinant production of specific variants of fibrinogen for research purposes.
  • Purification of individual variants of fibrinogen from cell culture media or plasma.
  • Structure-function analysis of variants of fibrinogen to determine new unique properties.
  • Formulation development of fibrinogen as drug substance or product.
  • Development and validation of analytical methods for quantitative and qualitative analysis of fibrinogen.