Fibriant – Therapeutic Products

Fibriant captures the unique features and functions of specific recombinant variants of Fibrinogen in new innovative products and in improvements of existing products based on plasma Fibrinogen. Our strategy is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a panel of variants of Fibrinogen in validated animal models for several product applications in important fields of healthcare, including surgery, bacterial infections and regenerative medicine.

Our lead product RecoSeel™ is the first fully recombinant Fibrin sealant, based on a specific recombinant variant of Fibrinogen and recombinant Thrombin, for use as a biodegradable and bio-active topical hemostat to stop bleeding during surgery. The product is currently in pre-clinical development and is expected to enter clinical development early 2021, for mild-to-moderate surgical bleeding, a segment of the bio-active topical hemostasis market that currently represents $ 1.2 Billion in sales.

Pipeline products, all in the research phase, are currently focused on applications in host-defense using a specific variant of Fibrinogen that, in animal models of MRSA induced bacteremia, has shown to significantly improve survival and on applications in regenerative medicine using recombinant variants with unique bio-mechanical properties.

Fibriant – Our Services

Fibriant’s strategy to generate revenues in the near term is to provide recombinant Fibrinogen and/or recombinant Thrombin, either by licensing the technology or supplying purified material as drug substance, to others for the development of new products or to replace plasma derived Fibrinogen and Thrombin in existing products.