Inspired by Nature

Fibrinogen, a natural blood protein, is the heart of Fibriant™’s science, technology, products and services. This protein plays a pivotal role in human haemostasis, host-defense and injury-repair and appears in different forms, each form with its own specific properties. This natural variation in form and function provides us with many opportunities to create new and improved, customized healthcare solutions.

About Us

We are a young biotech company located in the Bioscience Park in Leiden, The Netherlands. Our goal is to create and develop innovative healthcare solutions based on the unique properties of fibrinogen. The leadership team and the technical staff of Fibriant have extensive expertise in all areas relevant to our business – from fundamental fibrinogen research to biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing.

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Science & Technology

Fibriant™’s research is mainly focused on establishing a fibrinogen technology platform dedicated to the production, purification and characterization of specific variants of fibrinogen. We carefully analyze the structure – function relationship and identify the most promising therapeutic application for each variant. Fibriant also uses the variants as unique tools to explore the role of fibrinogen in inflammation and host defense and evaluate its potential as therapeutic target.

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Products & Services

Product development based on specific variants of fibrinogen initially targets tissue repair, remodeling or regeneration applications. Focus is on the development of a fibrinogen-based extravascular support product to reduce vein graft failure after by-pass surgery.

Fibriant also provides R & D support to other companies developing fibrinogen based products.

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