Our Business

Fibriant was founded in 2015 and is located in Leiden, The Netherlands in the Bioscience Park adjacent to the campus of the renowned University of Leiden.

Our core activities are the recombinant manufacturing and characterization of specific variants of human Fibrinogen as well as active human Thrombin and the development of new innovative end-products based on these unique recombinant proteins. To further leverage our technology platform, Fibriant will also make recombinant Fibrinogen and/or Thrombin available to others for the development of new products or the replacement of plasma derived proteins in existing products.

Fibriant has an extensive network of academic and industrial collaborations that support our research and development activities. Our partnerships include major players in Fibrinogen structure-function research and recombinant protein production and experts in the field of hemostasis, host defense and tissue repair.

Company Strategy

The goal of Fibriant’s business strategy is to establish a profitable, sustainable R & D company by developing a suite of recombinant Fibrin(ogen) products with healthcare potential. To achieve this goal Fibriant will follow a step-by-step approach. First the focus will be on the development of the lead product RecoSeel™, a fully recombinant Fibrin sealant used as bio-active topical hemostat to treat surgical bleeding. The R & D pipeline involves the use of specific variants of Fibrinogen for the prevention and treatment of infections caused by the life-threatening MRSA bacteria, recombinant Fibrinogen as injectable hemostat and tailor-made recombinant Fibrin matrices for regenerative medicine applications.

Fibriant’s strategy to generate near-term revenues within the next years is focused on supply of recombinant Fibrinogen and/or recombinant Thrombin, out-licensing IP, technology and know-how, outside the scope of Fibriant’s own product development programs, to other parties.

Our Team

The Fibriant team has extensive expertise in all areas relevant to our business: from applied and fundamental Fibrinogen research to biopharmaceutical product development.

The founder, Jaap Koopman, and the co-founders, Miranda Weggeman and Jos Grimbergen, have been working  together on Fibrinogen related R & D and product development projects at ProFibrix, where they made a valuable contribution to obtaining market approval in US and Europe  (2015) for the RaplixaTM product, a dry powder Fibrin sealant to stop surgical bleeding.


Jaap Koopman


Jaap Koopman has over 35 years experience in bio-medical research related to Fibrinogen and combines this with experience in biopharmaceutical product development and entrepreneurship in biotechnology. In 2004 he founded ProFibrix and as CEO led the company through multiple venture finance rounds and was involved in the successful development of the Raplixa product and the subsequent acquisition of ProFibrix in August 2013. As of July 2015, he is founder and CEO of Fibriant.

Jos Grimbergen


Jos Grimbergen has been active in the field of cardiovascular research for more than 25 years. In 2007 he was the first employee to join ProFibrix BV as Director Research, and has been responsible for the early development and analytical support for the Raplixa product and the Fibrospray device. From August 2013 to June 2015 Jos was Director Research at The Medicines Company. As of July 2015, he is co-founder and COO of Fibriant.

Miranda Weggeman


Miranda Weggeman has been active in the biopharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. She held several scientific and managing positions at Dutch biotech companies: Pharming and Crucell, and at a Dutch CMO: Synco Bio Partners. In 2009, Miranda joined ProFibrix as Director Downstream Processing and was responsible for down-stream process development of recombinant Fibrinogen, as well as the Phase 3 Raplixa manufacturing process and analytical development. As of July 2015, she is co-founder and CTO of Fibriant.


Linda Huisman, Maureen van Ommen- de Jong, Hester Kralt-van Nes and Rene van Ommen have all worked in the biopharmaceutical industry for over 10 years and are experts in the field of clone generation and selection, protein purification and structural and functional characterization of Fibrinogen.