Inspired by Nature

Fibrinogen, a natural soluble blood protein, is at the heart of Fibriant’s science, technology and products. The conversion of Fibrinogen, by active Thrombin, into the insoluble Fibrin matrix is a pivotal step in hemostasis, tissue repair and host-defense against infections. In nature Fibrinogen and Fibrin appear in different forms, each form with a specific and unique structure-function profile. This variation in form and function provides Fibriant with many opportunities to create new and improved, customized healthcare solutions based on specific variants of human Fibrinogen and Fibrin. Fibriant has developed a recombinant manufacturing platform to produce different variants of human Fibrinogen as well as active human Thrombin.

About Us

We are a biotech company located in the Bioscience Park in Leiden, The Netherlands and focus on the development of technology and products based on recombinant Fibrinogen and Fibrin. The leadership team and the technical staff of Fibriant have extensive expertise in Fibrinogen research as well as biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing.

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Fibrinogen in blood is a mixture of different naturally occurring variants each with its own functional properties. These individual variants can only be obtained by recombinant production. Therefore, Fibriant has established a manufacturing platform, based on CHO cells, dedicated to cost-effective production of specific variants of human Fibrinogen and of active human Thrombin.

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The lead product in development, RecoSeel™, aimed at the hemostasis market, is a fully recombinant Fibrin-based topical hemostat to stop surgical bleeding. Pipeline products are targeting infections caused by MRSA bacteria. Fibriant is also exploring opportunities to provide recombinant Fibrinogen and Thrombin to other companies.

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Latest News

2912, 2021

Fibriant awarded Euro 16.5M EIC Accelerator funding to support RECOFIB development

December 29th, 2021|0 Comments

Leiden, The Netherlands, 23 December 2021 – Fibriant, a scale-up biotech company focused onthe development of the RECOFIB platform, was awarded up to € 16.5 million in funding of theEuropean Innovation Council Accelerator program Go [...]